Wednesday, June 25, 2014

J'adore J'adore!

While stretching in 2nd position and simultaneously focusing on the turnout in our legs, pointing our feet, reaching forward in the stretch, and reminding ourselves to breathe, the class was given this particular instruction:

“Tell us three things: your name, what you do for a living and your favorite food. Go!”
Family doctor. Student. Stay-at-home-Mom. Psychiatrist. Teacher. Pilot. Grad Student…

And that moment sums up what it means to take class at J’adore Dance: you become part of an eclectic group of people, different ages, experience levels and interests, all brought together through a love of dance.

J’adore Dance is a busy place.

A bright and inspiring studio.
It offers dance for the whole family: prenatal dance and fitness classes, Salsa Mama Dance, preschool and kids dance programming, and excellent adult dance opportunities for a variety of levels.

For me, J’adore Dance is a special place.

It’s where I took my first ballet class after almost a decade and fell back in love with its precision and grace. I’ve been a student there for the past two and a half years and I’ve been busy re-tuning my ballet technique, exploring more contemporary technique and even taking the chance to delve into Beginner Ballroom with my husband. It’s a place where I have continued to learn and grow as a dancer, take class with my big sister (who was my first inspiration in dance), meet new people and connect with many other dance educators and mentors.

Such as the great Jodie Vandekerhove.

It was in Jodie’s Adult Contemporary class that we were asked that getting-to-know-you question while we stretched. She asked it because she creates a supportive ensemble within her class. Her class is a work-out and a half that strikes that tricky balance between fitness and artistry, technique and improvisation, and structure and freedom. I always leave her class feeling stronger, fitter and challenged physically and creatively.

And much, much sweatier!

A great teacher and mentor, Jodie Vandekerhove.
Jodie’s class is fun, positive and challenging. When the pulsing bass of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus comes on and we jog around the room, I know the cardio portion of the class will test me. I want to give up but I don’t because Jodie is sweating right along there with us through every push up and tricep dip. She gives many different modifications for the movements depending on where you are and she’s always rooting for you and pushing you to dig deeper, wherever that is for you.

“The floor is our partner.”

This is often repeated in class as we learn how to safely, yet boldly, get into the floor through pedal/non-pedal locomotion, high/low shapes and various jumps, rolls and falls. Every bruise or flash of floor burn is a badge of honor, in my opinion. They are the proof that I went for it, I didn’t hold back and that I am continuously learning. I always feel contemporary class in my body the next day, but it’s in a good, getting-stronger-getting- more-aware-of-my-body, kind of way.

Taking class at J’adore Dance, with Jodie or any of their great teachers, means you will emerge part of a supportive community, with a broader understanding of your body and a greater appreciation for the artistry and athletism that is dance.

And finally, no matter what, you get to dance for you.

J'adore Dance's Adult Contemporary Class, Spring 2014.
No shortage of sweat or laughter here!
J’adore Dance runs classes through the summer and registration for fall classes is already open. For more information, check out their website.



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